What Is a Vicodin High?

What Is a Vicodin High? .

What Is a Vicodin High?

Narcotic analgesics like hydrocodone and acetaminophen are forms of narcotic drugs that usually act like opiates in the body. Vicodin constituting both of these analgesics also acts like heroin and provides the body with a euphoric effect called the Vicodin high. Some people, especially the teenagers or the younger population, use it for recreational purposes to get high. This comes is considered abusing the use of Vicodin.

The effect of Vicodin can start after a single pill or it may happen after several pills. Usually individuals taking regular doses of Vicodin have a tendency to be addicted to the effect it creates in the human body. Vicodin 5/500mg can create a high after 2 pills. Mostly people wanting to get a Vicodin high take four pills at a time. When they are taken in the original form they take time to dissolve in the stomach and last longer. When they are taken in powder form, this cancels the longer processing time and the effect starts immediately.

Usually the effects are described to be warm, pleasant and carefree. The Vicodin high creates the warm-fuzzy effect in about an hour or less in individuals taking more than one tablet at a time. The euphoric conditions tend to create relaxed breathing and an overall euphoric experience for the individual.

People experiencing a Vicodin high also have mood and mental changes as the effect starts. They are easily irritated by noise and awkward situations. They often like to remain isolated for the time the effect is there.

What Is a Vicodin High?

Having a Vicodin high requires not eating or drinking for the past 6 to 8 hours. This is usually done so that the Vicodin high can remain for a longer period of time. For first timers, eating a little before ingesting the medication can prevent the nauseous feeling and also control the vomiting that can occur. The tablets are taken in crushed form or slightly broken so that they are easy to swallow and prompt the effects much faster.

The effect starts with little numbness and a cloudy head. The person can either start talking a lot or feel quite excited for no reason. After an hour or more the euphoric intensity increases and so does the numbness. The person feels extremely relaxed but do experience difficulty in uttering words. The words are in the form of a slurred speech. Such feelings are usually described as being on the top of the world.

The effects will slow down in a few hours with more dizziness or drowsiness present and less excitement about everything. The body is generally relaxed through most of the of Vicodin high. This is also because of the hydrocodone included which relaxes the body for a longer period of time. Often a Vicodin high in the evening can have relaxing effects that last until morning.

People with lesser tolerances utilize small doses at first to feel the high on Vicodin. Two or more tablets are taken with a small meal and the next dose is taken with a gap of five to six hours. As the body starts developing a tolerance to Vicodin, the doses are increased each time. Some experienced individuals have developed a control on the amount of Vicodin taken at a time to get the Vicodin high effect without inducing an overdose, while avoiding any possible side effects.

Vicodin is quite popular for addicts seeking a steady high. Because of their being legal as a prescription medication, they are easily available and are often found in parties where drugs are involved. Vicodin does not affect everyone in the same way. Some people build up tolerance in their bodies to Vicodin and in effect they need more time and Vicodin to get the same high. They can even function rather normally after taking quite excessive doses.

Since Vicodin is known for its addiction, people wanting to use if for a high are careful in its usage not to get addicted to it. For many it's not as effective as morphine or other opiate drugs. Starting from a very low dosage of 20mg, the increments are increased at a later stage so the addiction can be controlled. Moderate levels of intake also produce fewer chances of side effects of the medication. The nauseous feeling and vomiting is quite common in most cases, but as the body gets used to it, these effects wither away.