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About Vicodin Addiction 800-303-2482

About Vicodin Addiction 800-303-2482 .

About Vicodin Addiction

This is one of the most powerful and harmful addictions that have managed to affect the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Many people who have a Vicodin addiction are in denial. This is because; they don't consider it as harmful as other drug addictions like heroin or cocaine. In any case, since Vicodin is normally prescribed by a doctor, people rationalize the use and say that it helps relieve pain.

There are so many side effects of Vicodin Addiction that can help illustrate the seriousness of this problem. One of the main effects is the alteration of the brain functions. For instance, overuse or dependence of this drug causes the stoppage of production of endorphins by the brain. The lack of these chemicals may also put someone in more pain and therefore enhance the reliance on the drugs. This chemical also helps in the relaxation of the mind without which, a person maybe easily overwhelmed by stress.

Like most of the other drug addictions, a Vicodin addiction can cause one to alienate themselves from their family and friends. Their lives practically become controlled by the drug so they lose touch with everything else. It also becomes hard to maintain healthy relationships with others. There is frequent lying associated with hiding the habit that also contributes to the alienation.

Vicodin Addiction

The Vicodin addiction leads to a low sex drive. The only thing that can bring any pleasure is the rush from the drugs. A person may also show a disinterest in any other form of intimacy.

Other long term effects that can come about as a result of the Vicodin addiction include loss of employment. The drug affects the performance of the individual at work. They also loose motivation or any ambitions. There are also instances where the addict tends to be disoriented and generally unfocused. This may lead to them losing the job by either resigning or getting fired.

An addict may also suffer from clinical depression. They will exhibit signs such as insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, moodiness and emotional distress. This may also end up with withdrawal from people around them.

Financial problems also come up with the overuse of Vicodin. Addicts spend a lot of money to try and support the habit. Some people even end up taking very drastic measures to support the habit. They spend money set aside for important thing such as their children's education. There are also addicts who sell their properties or even their bodies just so as to buy Vicodin.

It is clear to see the seriousness of Vicodin addiction. However, there are ways to get over the addiction. There are many success stories about people who have overcome the addiction and managed to get their lives back on track.

There are rehab centers for people who are trying to fight this kind of addiction. If you are struggling with Vicodin addiction, you need to find help 800-303-2482. Don't try to get over the Vicodin addiction on your own though. There are a number of Vicodin addiction recovery programs that have been established to help the addicts. Some may not necessarily require the admission to a rehab center.