The Dangers of Snorting Vicodin

The Dangers of Snorting Vicodin .

The Dangers of Snorting Vicodin

What makes Vicodin harmful is the purpose of its usage. The use of Vicodin can be termed abuse if it is intentionally taken in excess of recommended dosages, as injections or snorted. It is very effective in relieving pain and producing a calm effect. Medicines that are required to be taken orally are never recommended to be injected or snorted. This can cause serious complication in the body. Snorting Vicodin is used by abusers seeking the fastest and most powerful high. As it is a form of a narcotic, the effects can be dangerous.

If not taken orally the pills are often crushed up and injected or snorted, which has powerful effects and faster results. Vicodin is now quite often taken as a form of recreation, especially by the young population. It gives a euphoric effect to the body which activates the nervous system and speeds up blood flow in the body. It provides momentary happiness and satisfaction. The feel of getting high also is a reason for taking the drug through inhaling process. The side effects they get are not considered a level of danger to them. They get used to the dizziness and being lightheaded and feel delight in experiencing it.

The acetaminophen in Vicodin is known to cause liver failure and death if take in excess for some individuals. If used in excess of 2000 or more mg., the result can be effective for the time being and devastating in the longer run. People with high levels of stress tend to shift to the usage of Vicodin in the form of snorting to deal with those situations. The side effects they get are not of much importance to them. They are only realized after the damage has been done.

Snorting Vicodin

When Vicodin is snorted recreationally in low doses, the person feels relaxed in about an hour. Lying down immediately after ingestion can produce a calm and pleasant feeling. The inhalers feel in control of the world and no form of tiredness is felt even though the person might be exhausted. High doses for recreational purpose cause extreme fatigue. The person may want to lie down or use something to prop themselves up. Uttering words may seem difficult as well. Coordination for such simple tasks such as picking up a glass of water may become a sudden challenge. High doses may cause unconsciousness which can result in severe headaches after waking up and deaths in cases where treatment is not reached immediately.

Snorting Vicodin can speed up the side effects of Vicodin at an accelerated level. Blood disorder, lethargy, mental and mood changes, anxiety, respiration and allergic reactions can reach a severe level when Vicodin is inhaled. Inhaling Vicodin can speed up the process of the acetaminophen effect reaching the brain faster than taking in orally. It can also cause damage to the nasal passages with continuous snorting. Some individuals can have nose bleeds as well. Snorting drugs like Vicodin also makes way for other drugs to be inhaled because the process seems easier and fun and the nose becomes used to it. For some, lung failure can be a result of extreme snorting of Vicodin.

Snorting Vicodin does not only cause physical effects but also psychological effects in humans. The emotional side of a person weakens which directly affects relationships and careers. Years of hard work can be ruined in no time if snorting Vicodin is not discontinued. The mood changes are experienced more often and violent behavior may increase.

Overall, snorting Vicodin becomes a habit for those who are addicted to the usage of Vicodin for recreation. Where on one end it sure is a good pain killer for many but its abusive usage has made it a hazard for health. Because narcotic drugs are usually available in places where people tend to get high because of daily life pressures, the snorting of Vicodin usually starts with the snorting of other opiate drugs. Peer pressure is another way in which an individual may end up snorting Vicodin. Withdrawing from snorting is not an easy process because it starts after the person gets addicted to Vicodin. Special treatments are available to help individuals stop snorting Vicodin. The treatment center detoxifies the body of the addicted individual and sends him or her to a residential facility for complete recovery.